Piece for Apartment House, August 2014 (2014)
for violin and cello, duration 11′
Premiered by Apartment House on 1 October 2014, Platforma Project, Moscow, Russia
Requested by Anton Lukoszevieze for the Apartment House Russia Tour 2014

Assembly (2014)
for piano and string quartet, duration 12′
Commissioned by PRS for Music and first performed by James Barralet (cello), Mira Benjamin (violin), Catherine Kontz (piano), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Aisha Orazbayeva (violin), 15 June 2014, Spitalfields Festival, Village Underground, London UK

Ensemble (2014)
for large ensemble, duration 13′

Listing (2013)
for piano, duration 66′
Composed for and dedicated to Philip Thomas

During (2013)
for three cellos, duration 12′
Commissioned by Tre Voci and nu:nord, with support from the Britten-Pears Foundation. First performed 17 January 2014, Parish Church, Aldeburgh, Suffolk UK

Holding (2013)
for string quartet, duration 22′

Arrangement (2012)
for piano duet, duration 5′
Requested by Markus Trunk and first performed by Claudia Molitor and Kerry Yong at on 4 July 2012, Music We’d Like to Hear, St Anne and St Agnes Church, Gresham Street, London UK

Trio (2012)
for three instruments, duration 8′
Composed at the request of Alistair Zaldua, and first performed 27 September 2012 by the New Music Ensemble at Goldsmiths, London UK

Doubles (2012)
for string quartet, duration 6′
Composed for the Bozzini Quartet Composers Kitchen in April 2012, and first performed 28 April 2012, Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal, Canada and 24 Novemeber 2012, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival,St Paul’s Hall, Queensgate, Huddersfield UK

Light Piece (2010-12)
for three or more artificial lights, duration open

String Trio or Quartet (2009-11)
for any combination of three or four bowed string instruments, duration open
First performed 1 May 2011 by Angharad Davies, Julia Eckhardt, Dominic Lash and Stefan Thut at Säulenhalle Landhaus, Solothurn, Switzerland

Four Reed Organs (2009)
for four reed organs, duration 13′
First performed 15 May 2010 by Stephen Chase, John Lely, Ross Parfitt and Philip Thomas at Site Gallery, Sheffield UK

Symphony in e (2009)
for a large group, duration 35′ 01/11/09
First performed 22 May 2010 by edges, conducted by Philip Thomas, Site Gallery, Sheffield and 6 June 2010 by CalArts Experimental Music Workshop lead by Michael Pisaro, Dogstar, CalArts, LA USA

Keyboard Exercises (2009)
for any number of keyboards, duration open
Dedicated to Tim Parkinson, and first performed by him 27 June 2009 at Cafe Oto, London UK

Distance Learning (2009)
for three players with table top and objects, duration 3′
First performed 9 May 2009 by Tim Parkinson, James Saunders and Taku Unami in Hamburg, Germany
Dedicated to James Saunders and Tim Parkinson

Symphony No 5: The Only Way is Up (2009)
for a mixed group of instruments with overlapping ranges
Dedicated to Manfred Werder, and first performed 5 July 2010 by Incidental Music at Galerie Mark Müller, Zürich, Switzerland

Symphony No 4: The Great Outdoors (2009)
for three to seven percussionists in a large open space
First performed 23 June 2010 as part of an event directed by Stephen Chase, Town Centre, Sheffield UK

Symphony No 2: The Lowest Common Multiple (2009)
for a group of percussionists
First performed 3 December 2009 by Material at Chapel Arts, Bath UK

Music Box (2008)
for music box, duration c. 2′
Composed for James Saunders, and first performed by him 25 November 2008, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield UK

Symphony No 3: The Parsons Code for Melodic Contours (2008)
for two or more melody instruments, duration c. 15′
Dedicated to Michael Parsons, and first performed 24 November 2008 by John Lely, Taylan Susam and Jopseh Kudirka at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield UK

Piano and Toy Piano (2008)
duration 5′
Requested by Kate Ryder, and first performed by her 12 April 2008 at The Space, Westferry Road, London UK

String Quartet (2007)
duration 24′
Requested by the Post Quartet, and first performed 7 June 2007 at Deptford Town Hall, New Cross, London UK

On The Major Third by Ll. S. Lloyd (2007)
for violin and vibraphone, both amplified, duration 15′
Commissioned by Gemini, and first performed 11 May 2007 at St Giles Cripplegate, Fore Street, London UK

Rampant Intonation Problems (2007) with Ross Parfitt and Mick Grierson
two players inside Goldsmiths organ

Second Symphony (2006)
for eight or more players with independent click-tracks and one sound each, duration open
Commissioned by Rational Rec and first performed 6 February 2007 by John Lely, Jennifer Allum, Laurence Crane, Joanna Bailie, Christopher Fox, Russel Martin, Mark Knoop, Catherine Kontz, Henri Vaxby, Cecilia Wee and Paul Whitty at Rational Rec, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London UK

To be or not to only stand and wait (2006)
for Aleks Kolkowski’s stroh-viol quartet (or normal string quartet), sirens, kazoos, snare-drum and rubber piping, duration 13 minutes
Commissioned by Kettle’s Yard for Apartment House and first performed 3 November 2006 at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge UK

Toy Pianos (2006)
for two toy pianos, duration c. 3′
Requested by Jane Chapman and Kate Ryder, and first performed 26 October 2006 at The Cutting Edge, The Warehouse, Theed Street, London UK

for James Tenney (rising) (2006)
for two players with four different keyboard instruments, duration c. 3′

The Harmonics of Real Strings (2006/13)
for solo bowed string instrument, open duration
First performed 12 October 2006 by Anton Lukoszevieze at The Warehouse, London UK. First broadcast 22:30 22 December 2007 on Hear and Now, BBC Radio 3

All About the Piano (2006)
for pianist with one or more roaming assistants, open duration
Commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for Philip Thomas and James Saunders. First performed 21 November 2006 at HCMF, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield UK. First broadcast 23:00 4 December 2006 on Hear and Now, BBC Radio 3

Desk Bells (2006)
for a set of tuned desk bells, duration open
First performed 7 May 2006 by the composer at Goldsmiths, New Cross, London UK

Holborn (2006)
for solo banjolele, duration c. 5′
Dedicated to John Tilbury and first performed by the composer on 19 February 2006 at Bridewell Theatre, Strand, London UK

Precision Sonics (2005)
for three turntables, duration open
Dedicated to Matthew Wright, and first performed by him on 6 October 2006 at Open Ear, Orange Street Music Club, Canterbury UK

Hybrid Music Boxes (2005)
A selection of adapted music boxes, first shown 7 February 2006 at John Lely’s Rational Fete, Rational Rec, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London UK

Launch of the Red Bird (2005)
electronic album, 12 tracks, duration 38’17”

Berliner Spielzeugladen (2005)
audio recording, duration 8’34”

for prepared disklavier (2005)
duration c. 7′

Corona (2005)
for 19-division trumpet, duration c. 2′
Composed for Stephen Altoft and first performed 15 October 2005 at Microfest 1/Wild Dog 1, riverhouse, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey UK

Things #1-#15 (2005-7)

White Noise Machine (2004)
for two or more performers with white noise generators, duration open
First performed 4 February 2005, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London UK
Dedicated to John White

Slow Movement for Strings (2004)
for two or more bowed string instruments, duration open
First performed 6 April 2004 during in eye i, Bogota, Colombia

Viking Furniture Music (2004)
for trombone or tuba solo, duration open

Wall of Sound (2004)
First realised 12 March 2008 as a performance by Material, Bath Spa University, Bath UK

Cycling in [county/region of performance] (2004)
for harp, duration 11′
Commissioned by and dedicated to Rhodri Davies, who gave the first performance 28 June 2004 as Cycling in Yorkshire at Heptonstall Church, nr. Hebdon Bridge, Yorkshire UK

Installation at Welborne Church (2004)
field recordings/playback
Commissioned by Welborne Arts Festival, and first presented 11-13 June 2004 in Welborne Church, Welborne, Norfolk UK

Brook (2004)
for seven players (prepared piano, toy piano, stones)
First performed 7 June 2004 by Buruk (Angharad Davies, John Lely, Sam Mirelman, Tim Parkinson, Michael Parsons, James Saunders, Seymour Wright) at Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London UK

C-Major Postlude (2003)
JS Bach arrangement for two pianos, duration 7′

Discovering Counterpoint (2003)
for three melody instruments with auxiliary devices, duration c. 9′
First performed 23 March 2008 by Apartment House, Cologne, Germany, and first broadcast 23 March 2008 by WDR

Piece for Two Pianos (2003)
duration 12′
Requested by Peter Mumford and Tim Parkinson, and first performed 1 June 2003 at St Cyprian’s Church, Baker Street, London UK

MidiPea (2003)
midi, duration c. 18′

Les Gnocchi’s de l’Automne (2003)
for piano, cello, harp, electric guitar and xylophone, duration 10′
Commissioned by MaerzMusik, Berliner Festspiele for Apartment House and first performed 19 March 2003 at MaerzMusik, Sophien Saele, Berlin, Germany

First Page for Cello (2002)
Requested by Anton Lukoszevieze and first performed 11 November 2002 at St Cyprian’s Church, Baker Street, London

The Organ at [location of performance] (2002)
organ solo, duration open
First performed 21 May 2004 by Jennifer Walshe and Andrew Hamilton at Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany

Fall in the fresh lap of the cloudy messenger (2002)
string quartet, electric organ, two cds and five desk bells, duration 10′
Requested by Apartment House, and first performed 9 June 2002 at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London UK

Harmonica High (2002)
any number of harmonicas, duration open
First performed 3 October 2002 by John Lely, Mette Bille, Jamie Coleman, Catherine Kontz, Tim Parkinson and Henri Vaxby at Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London UK

Never Again (2002)
for any sound-producing means, duration open
Requested by Apartment House, and first performed 17 July 2002 at Krahnenbaum Company, Kunst-Station St Peter, Koln

January 2002 (2002)
for any number of players with objects and white noise
First performed 12 January 2002 by John Lely, Nanae Nakagawa, Sebastian Lexer, Tom Farncombe and Catherine Kontz at Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London UK

Pocket Pianos (2001)
for two pocket pianos, duration c. 6′
First performed 19 May 2007 by John Lely and Jennifer Allum at Firehouse 12, New Haven, Connecticut USA

From the English (1998)
for prepared piano and shuffling minidisc
First public performance 5 October 2006 by Philip Thomas at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge UK